How To Buy And Sell Laptops On Ebay And Auction Sites

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After years of using, buying & selling computers and laptops, I accumulated quite a collection of defective units, parts, accessories, and even working ones. I mean my car parked outside my garage for at least two years in winter because my garage was completely full. I needed to get rid of all this computer stuff and quick. Another winter was creeping up on me. Then I received an email from my wife. eBay was having a promotional listing day. Five cents per item to list as many items as you want to the largest online marketplace in the world. ویزه ترکیه مریضی

So away I went. I transformed my laundry room into a photography studio. I started taking pictures and posting everything I could get to in my garage. With the help of my two kids, we got up fifty items in six hours. I started them at ninety nine cents on auction because I wasn’t sure the current value and I really didn’t care how much I got for them because it would probably end up in the garbage anyways. Plus it is not environmentally sound to throw out electronics and computer equipment in the trash. It will just end up in the landfills.

My son (13) and daughter (15) took this as an opportunity and a challenge. They were excited to be able to sell stuff online. They even got me hooked on trying to get the best price by adding as many keywords to my title listing and adding the value pack for sixty five cents so I can have a subtitle and listing designer to attract more visitors to my ad. In fact, we really had fun doing this. My daughter did the design of my ad and my son helped with titles, descriptions & manual labor. We were like a selling assembly line.

The entire process took us about seven hours because we had a lot of stuff to post. In seven days all of my auctions were ending and luckily every one sold because I didn’t put any reserve. I sold broken keyboards, laptops, desktops, stuff I didn’t even think was worth something, sold! Cleaned out my entire garage in two weeks and turned it into CASH. I pocketed around $3000 in my paypal account.

I think eBay is just fantastic and I recommend it to anyone looking to get rid of old electronics, laptop computers or desktops instead of throwing them out. Especially if you don’t care how much you get for it. You might find that some of those things you were going to throw away, is actually worth something to someone on ebay.

These are the steps I took to turn all the stuff in my garage into CASH

First I registered on (Very easy to do by the way – Just follow the simple steps)

Then I registered with Paypal (you’ll need credit card or can link bank account to deposit or withdraw money ) You should “confirm” your Paypal account. This takes about 2-3 business days to complete because paypal deposits a small amount into your bank account and then you have to log back into your account and tell them how much they deposited so they know you have access to that account statement. This is for security purposes.

Now I have a way to post the item (eBay) and a way to receive payment securely (

So I log back into eBay and click on “sell”. I follow the easy steps of choosing my category and writing the title and description. I take the picture with my digital camera and upload it to the site.
The first picture is free which is all i really needed anyways so that was a bonus. Set the price, shipping and away you go. Click submit and I was done.

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