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The minimum monthly income required for a baby loan may vary from bank to bank. In one place, we collected all the information in the bank-specific baby loan calculator. So you can find out which bank you are getting your baby loan.

Different credit assessments by banks

Different credit assessments by banks

The terms and conditions set out in the Baby Loan Decree apply to all applicants, but the regulation also states that banks will conduct credit assessments according to their own internal regulations.

The new bank-specific baby loan calculator also takes into account what the regulation has no effect on banks’ credit assessment conditions. This also allows us to check the terms and conditions under which we can take out a $ 10 million interest-free loan.

How Does the Baby Loan Calculator Work?

How Does the Baby Loan Calculator Work?

With the new baby loan calculator, all you have to do is enter 4 data:

  • the amount of credit you would like to borrow,

  • the maturity,

  • the monthly net income,

  • the intended date of birth of the children.

Based on the information provided, the calculator lists the offers of the available banks. The comparison shows you what the initial installment, the APR and the total repayment will be if everything goes according to plan.

  • minimum and maximum ages (it is important that the maximum age of the wife is specified in the application, there should be no difference),

  • minimum income,

  • upcoming promotions.

Don’t forget to check if you are eligible! You can do this with a few clicks with the Baby Loan Eligibility Checklist!

If the regulation lays down the conditions, what is the difference between the offers?

If the regulation lays down the conditions, what is the difference between the offers?

In fact, there are not many offers, as most regulations – maximum maturity, max. Loan Amount, Monthly Installment Details – Details on applying for baby support. However, the following conditions are within the competence of the banks:

  • lower and upper age limits,

  • expected minimum net income,

  • starting discounts,

  • calculation of income-loadability,

  • is the minimum amount of credit that can be claimed.

A couple may be too young or not earning as well, and as a result, not all banks will be positive about applying. This is checked by Good Finance’s calculator, so you know which bank to apply for before you start your baby loan. This is especially important for couples who are having their baby on the road, as they can save several days.

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